Universal Channel

This project was from last summer (2007) that I participated as a lighting/rendering freelancer. I was in charge of modeling/texturing the interiors, and lighting/rendering in passes for few of these spots for the Universal Channel re-design.
Property of Nailgun

Time Warner Cable

Vue 6 xStream comes in handy in realistic plants. I joined the team at Click3x as Vue artist. I did the trees and plants/flowers and textured the road.
Property of Click3x

Green Home - HGTV

My first attempt at watercolor style with 3D~! All trees, houses, birds, and other props are done in 3D, and background water spill with 2D.
Property of Nailgun

Radio City Spectacular

Radio City's Christmas Spectacular : I joined the team toward the mid-end of the whole production as a lighter. I lit the background buildings and the props/trees of the Columbus Circle, and the whole Time Square.
Property of Rhino FX


These are the 3D interior scene that I modeled, textured, lit, and rnedered for a project at Nailgun studio for live action compositing. Two more scenes coming soon~
copyright by Nailgun.tv

Butter tub area

here's the finished look on the corner tub area
property of walsh family media llc.

Kissup #3 inside the elevator going up the Gumball machine

This guy is in a elevator which goes through the tube in the middle of the Gumball machine.
All textures, lighting, and rendering done by Me~