Song Eun Grace Hwang
# 646. 263. 3451

Objective: 3D artist


- Strong drawing and painting skills
- Good eyes for color, light, and details

- Strong : Maya(UV mapping, shading, lighting, rendering), Adobe Photoshop
- Familiar : Maya modeling and animation,Z-brush, Deep paint 3D, VUE6 xStream, Adobe After Effects

Work ethics:
-Good communication skills
-Self-motivated and passionate
-Friendly well-rounded personality
-Good organization skills


3D generalist freelance May-June 2007
Work tasks include modeling, rigging, animating, texturing, shading, and rendering.
WEC show title for VERSUS channel
Universal channel station ID

Walsh Family Media
Lead texture artist 2005-present
Lighting/Rendering supervisor 2006-present

- Full pre to post production experience : Participated in scene composition, story development, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering. Also managed and supervised other texture and lighting artists, and worked closely with the director to help out production management.
The Cool Beans Race Music Video : Texture,lighting, and rendering. 2006-2007
The Cool Beans Movie prologue : Texture, lighting. 2006-2007
Rogue-Creative Studios:
Internship Spring 2004Participated in: Eggo-Waffle commercial - research and shading Nickelodeon title animation - modeling, animation Music video - research and simple modeling
MTV On-Air Graphics:
Internship Spring 2003
Use of After Effect, Photoshop, Illustrator for motion graphics, image touching and some designs.

Fine/Graphic Art:
- Thesis animation showed at METRO-CAF 2004
- Honorable Mention in Animation category for senior thesis
- Won awards in life painting contest for Northwest student art contest
- Art works exhibited at Art Festival, Edmonds, WA
- Poster design for “The Gathering” conference, Boston, MA
- Book cover and flier design for 2003 KCCC-NY winter conference, NJ


School of Visual Arts, New York, NY:
BFA: Computer Art
Sony Art Center, Seoul, Korea:
Studied 3D modeling, animation, and character setup. Summer 2002, 2003

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